Photo Gallery: Scenes from the Bucket List

Photo Gallery: Scenes from the Bucket List

My life’s To-Do List is a never-ending endeavor to see beautiful, fun, exciting, wondrous things in this world. Putting ideas on the list and daydreaming about them is almost as much fun as being able to mark them off as done. Almost.

These photos are some of the things I’ve been able to tick off and complete so far. They’re also a pick me up when I sit around feeling sorry for myself because  “I never go anywhere and I never do anything.”

I’ve still got more photos to add and things to post to my To Do List, but if I don’t get started now this will linger in draft forever-ever-ever-ever….

If you’ve got your own Bucket List or To Do List, share the link in the comments!


7 Replies to “Photo Gallery: Scenes from the Bucket List”

  1. Yeah, you never go anywhere. LOL. Nice collection of pics. With a good assortment of oddities. Did you like Shoofly Pie? Dutch Haven has good ones. My Aunt Bertha makes really good Shoofly Pie.

    1. i have so many pictures to go through I get sidetracked and don’t find what i’m looking for :-/ could also be a sign of old age creeping up on me. i’m getting forgetful 😀

      I did like the pie! I didn’t really know what to expect. I suppose i imagined it sweeter than it actually was. Aside from their delicious pie, their windmill on the roof isn’t too shabby either.

      1. I’ve been doing an annual girlfriend getaway to Lancaster for many years. Until our last trip, we stayed at the motel across the street from that place. I’ll have to dig up my nighttime shot of that windmill for you.

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