It’s the Alpine Trip Sticker Bonanza!

It’s the Alpine Trip Sticker Bonanza!

In preparation for our trip to the Alps, my friend Ed has made us a great set of stickers featuring the 5 of us that are going:
fuzzygalore eurotrip decal

I just love it!


  • Ed & Drea, 2-up. They could make an espresso, take a photo, whip up a 20-page paper on a typewriter… all while canyon carving at 70mph.
  • There’s me on the left -in my fancy new Klim gear– stopped, taking a photo (probably of Bigfoot or something ridiculous).
  • Pimmie? He’s out front and all business with the hammer down. No shocker there. That boy knows how to put a motorcycle down the road.
  • And there’s Kenny on the right. He has everyone fooled looking every part of the textile-clad, responsible man – but staying true to his hooligan roots he is of course tossing up a wheelie.

We’ve each got our own character stickers to boot:
fuzzygalore eurotrip stickers 2014
::runs away squealing::

Ed has outdone himself. For our last trip to the Alps, he whipped up an awesome pair of T-shirts for Kenny and me. But I think these decals are the jam! It’s kind of awesome having talented friends 🙂

Thanks, Ed!

12 Replies to “It’s the Alpine Trip Sticker Bonanza!”

  1. Those are just stellar mementos. It seems you’ll be vacationing with some marvelous folks. Have a blast, y’all!

    When your world tour passes through my town (if only), I sure hope to have in my eager little hands one of those coveted backstage passes to party with the band, or in this case, one of those coveted backroads passes to carve with the pack.

    By the way, don’t tell cartoon Crudmop, but it appears that cartoon Novos might be trying to give him a right ear wet willy under the guise of a two-down… Yet maybe cartoon Crudmop deserves such–you know, for his reported hooliganism.

  2. Is that a Scottish flag I see on your main decal Fuzzy? Well, if you are venturing to the land of the kilt, you’ll be made very welcome. I hope the weather holds up for you and you have a great time.



  3. Cool! Let me know what you think of the Klim gear, I was looking at the jacket & pants, but they are out of stock here and there won’t be a production run until February now. Have fun!

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