Yearly Archive: 2014


Snapshots: Hello from the Malojapass

In addition to being riding nirvana, some roads are visual paradise. The Swiss really know what’s up when it comes to paving a stunning mountain pass. When you see those serpentine terraces undulating through...


Re-Tread: Last Weeks December Weekly Wrap Up

Stuff that happened during the week of December 1-7, 2014 Interesting Reads Stuff that caught my eye while I was perusing the web. RIDE Adventures Blog Great Motorcycle Travel Tool: Just 8oz Can Jump...


I Have Bionic Knockers

Sometimes when I’m beside my bike pushing it or moving it or something like that, my super fembot boob-plates… honk the horn. And on that bombshell, have a good Friday, y’all! :beep:beep: 😆

Dear Blogger-using Blog Friends 6

Dear Blogger-using Blog Friends

Sometimes I want to comment on your blogs but… I just can’t. Literally. For some reason when a Blogger-hosted blog uses the embedded comment form, I cannot submit comments from my Mac. I’ve tried...


Question: Do a Lot of Women Ride Motorcycles?

This question was one of the searches that landed someone here on the blog. Sometimes the search terms are ridiculous, sometimes they’re interesting and sometimes they are even a question worth exploring. Hmm, I would say...


Judging a Biker by Their Leather

The last day of November was unseasonably warm. As such, there were a lot of motorcycles out enjoying the weather. After pedaling around for a few hours in my fatbike, I took the a...


The Last Day of November on the Fatty

The last day of November dawned bright blue. When I left the house in the morning it was nearly 50 degrees. It was a perfect day to pedal in to town for a glass of...

Around the World with AntiHero 3

Around the World with AntiHero

Let’s face it. The lives that many of us have chosen don’t allow us to fling ourselves out in to the world to just wander. Maybe we do it in small doses – a...


Olde Tyme Travel Blogging By My Mom

While at my mom’s house for Thanksgiving, I got a chance to look through a bag of travel mementos that she’d set aside for me. Inside were stickers, pamphlets, receipts and ticket stubs from...