Around the World with AntiHero

Around the World with AntiHero

Let’s face it. The lives that many of us have chosen don’t allow us to fling ourselves out in to the world to just wander. Maybe we do it in small doses – a trip here and there. And maybe some of us don’t find a way to do it at all.

Thankfully there is an army of other motorcyclists who share the view from their visor. As they send back images and dispatches from the road, they can help to feed your dreams until the time that you find yourself out there in the world.

This is currently my favorite world traveler. He’s taking me around the world with him and doesn’t even know it.


You may have seen his Ducati Panigale trip threads on ADVrider.

I like to follow him on Instagram too:

#ducati #panigale #rtw

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Regarding Instagram

I know some people are sensitive about using Instagram. They don’t want someone else owning their images. Fair enough. But, if you register an account you can still follow, comment and search the app without ever posting a photo yourself.

You can of course still look at a user’s profile on Instagram without logging in. But, you can’t search the site for users and hashtags so you’d need to know who you’re looking for and navigate there directly.

The sheer number of images that are posted on the service is staggering. And some of them are downright incredible.

3 Replies to “Around the World with AntiHero”

  1. It’s not the content issues that annoy me about in instagram (though they probably should). It’s just that without instagram, people’s pictures show up in my twitter feed. When people use instagram I have to switch out of Twitter to see them so usually I don’t bother unless they are people who’s pictures are consistently interesting.

  2. Thanks for the introduction Fuzz! I love to read this stuff. This type of traveling always fascinates me. To be able to hit the road without a clock ticking would be amazing. Dreams….

    1. You bet 🙂

      It fascinates me too. It goes against the grain of everything we’re conditioned to do since we’re little. Go to school, get a job, buy a house, blah blah blah. We weren’t born to work in cubes. It’s just not right. Seeing people brave enough to break away from that is really inspiring.

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