Dear Blogger-using Blog Friends

Dear Blogger-using Blog Friends

Sometimes I want to comment on your blogs but… I just can’t. Literally.

For some reason when a Blogger-hosted blog uses the embedded comment form, I cannot submit comments from my Mac. I’ve tried using Chrome and Safari with no luck. I submit the comments and they just go out in to the ether.

Same trouble as this guy.

So, I love your blogs and I read them but I just can’t let you know!

6 Replies to “Dear Blogger-using Blog Friends”

    1. It really is. The most frustrating part is when i’m lulled in to thinking that maybe this time will be different and i type a reply and watch it disappear. That’s when I want to punch a hole through my monitor. But there is no other choice but to keep trying. If you send a “test” reply and it DOES work? You look like a moron.

      Sometimes I tweet to a blogger in response to their post.

      It’s really weird to be “disconnected” in a connected world 😀

  1. i believe it has to do with cookies. try enabling the 3rd party cookie configuration. it may work. 🙂 (i had to set this for g+ and yt, after they’ve changed the comment system…)

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