A 1919 Ride Report : Across America By Motorcycle

While skimming through some feeds, I saw a link to a motorcycle trip report on ADVRider from 1919. Yes, that’s right. Nineteen ninteen.


by C. K. Shepherd

…I purchased a motor-cycle and set out to cross the continent to the Pacific, and I have it on the best authority that this was the first time an Englishman had ever accomplished the trip on a motor-cycle…

america by motorcycle ck shepherd


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5 Responses

  1. NevadaWolf says:

    Gutenberg seems to be down at the moment.

    Another book from the era, not by motorcycle though, is Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway by Effie Price Gladding. Found here: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/33320

    Fun read on the life and times in 1914.

  2. Sumoflam says:

    Earlier this year I got to watch “The Motorcycle Diaries” which was a dramatization of a motorcycle road trip Che Guevara went on in his youth that showed him his life’s calling. Basically, he road his bike across S. America fom the south to the north. His wanderlust took him through impoverished and struggling communities on dirt roads. Quite an amazing movie.

    Your post reminded me of that.


  3. Raindog says:

    What a fantastic contraption that Lizzie is: I love to see the mechanical engineering that went into early machines, whether motorcycles (or, in this case, “motor-cycles”, a term still new enough in 1919 that it deserved the transitional hyphenation), steam locomotives, printing presses, you name it. It’s just damn cool stuff.

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