Badass Motorcycle Broad: Sturgis Chick on the Road in South America

Badass Motorcycle Broad: Sturgis Chick on the Road in South America

Another lady in the Badass Motorcycle Broad department is Michelle also known as Sturgis Chick. She’s currently elbow deep in galavanting around South America on her motorcycle. She’s been on the road for over a year and a half now.

I love reading about women out there doing something more than being a decorative hood ornament. Ride on, Michelle!

I was reading her latest post on the Bolivian Death Road and her take on it struck me as beautifully honest. The Bolivian Death Road is one of those mountain stretches you see on every famous “road list.” Does the myth marry up to reality these days? You’ll have to read her post to find out. And make sure you click the images in her post to enlarge ’em:

sturgis chick

The Death Road in Bolivia

There are a handful of “famous” roads that most motorcyclists know about and/or dream of riding someday. The Death Road is nearly always fairly high on the list of most riders.

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3 Replies to “Badass Motorcycle Broad: Sturgis Chick on the Road in South America”

  1. Wow! The Death Road is stunning. Personally, I’d prefer the guard rails.
    Michelle’s blog is really interesting. She’s a brave and determined gal to sell it all and hit the road, I tip my helmet to her. You couldn’t have phrased it better Fuzz, she is a Badass 😉

  2. I just stumbled across this while trying to find an old photo from my ride down the Death Road. You’re both too kind. I’m definitely not a bad ass, just a woman on a bike out enjoying the world (well, not anymore, lol. I’m back at the corporate world now, dreaming of my next adventure). Thanks for following along and for your kind words, even if it took me more than two years to find them. ❤️

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