Beargrease Maiden Voyage to Fire Island

Beargrease Maiden Voyage to Fire Island

Today was Kenny’s maiden voyage on his sweet new Salsa Beargrease. I thought for sure that he was going to go with a mountain bike but no, he surprised me by going fat.

fuzzygalore fatbike ride on fire island

I wasn’t sure how hard it was going to be pedaling on the shore today. The wind was really blowing with gusts up around 40mph. But I guess it was mostly at our back. Kenny, George and I rode to Ocean Beach on Fire Island and had some lunch at CJs without too much of an effort.

For the return trip we cruised through the towns on the sand roads. We saw lots of deer moseying around. They’re so darn cute.

fuzzygalore fatbike riding on fire island

After picking our way through some puddles we stopped at the lighthouse so I could grab a few postcards.

fuzzygalore fatbike fire island lighthouse

It was an excellent winter beach ride.

4 Replies to “Beargrease Maiden Voyage to Fire Island”

  1. Beautiful pictures. Loving that blue sky. Send some our way, I’ll trade you for dense fog.

    Glad Kenny is enjoying his fat bike. Hubby has been thinking of one too.

    1. Thank you, T-
      Yesterday seems like it was a fluke. we’re back to gray again with more rain on the way ::yawn::

      Fatbikes are surprisingly versatile. Lots of folks riding ’em in the trails. I’ll have to keep an eye on hs blog to see if he takes the leap 🙂

  2. Wow! What beautiful photos! Looks like gorgeous weather! Dreary drizzly weather here the past few days in sunny (Not!) Florida … I think I’ll just sit here, look at the beautiful scenery in these pictures, and dream a little bit longer. :::sigh:::

    1. Thank you, Martha 🙂

      We had some crazy torrential rain last week. Sunday was the only bright spot. But it was cold and very windy. Today we’re back to gray and had a dusting of snow. I find that better than rain, though, which we’ve got more of on the way. ::big sigh from me too::

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