Motorcycle Dreams: 25 Things on My Motorcycle Bucket List

Bucket List: A list of things you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket.

Hopefully this will be an ever-growing, ever-changing list as new ideas and goals cross my mind AND… as I find a way to cross completed things off.

  1. Ride in a Sidecar
  2. Ride to Alaska
  3. The Stelvio Pass
  4. The National Motorcycle Museum
  5. Ride through the mountains of Arkansas
  6. West Virginia Mail Pouch Tobacco Tour
  7. Visit the Nurburgring
  8. Visit the Barber Museum
  9. Attend a MotoGP event
  10. Go to Japan and see Bosozoku motorcycles
  11. Ride the length of Route 66
  12. Ride to Monument Valley and camp under the stars
  13. Be able to ride 20,000 strictly pleasure miles in a year
  14. 1 word: Colorado
  15. The Lolo Pass in Idaho
  16. Visit Mont Saint-Michel while riding in France
  17. Own a Confederate Wraith
  18. Going to the Sun Road
  19. Have my picture taken at the signpost forest
  20. Ride a motorcycle in New Zealand
  21. Visit the Isle of Man for the TT
  22. Ride to Nova Scotia
  23. Visit the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
  24. Actually write an article and have it published in a moto rag
  25. Ride the Puppy Dog Route

What’s on your motorcycle bucket list?
I encourage you to make one, too. It can be an inspiration to keep track of your dreams. Enjoy!

Suzuki DRZ 400


Rachael is the whimsical writer behind the 20+ year old Girlie Motorcycle Blog. As a freelance blogger, she is on a mission to inspire laughter, self-examination, curiosity, and human connection. Girlie Motorcycle Blog can be found on several Best Motorcycle Blog lists.

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27 Responses

  1. RichardM says:

    New England in the Fall
    Ride around Europe and across Australia

  2. pimmie says:

    I’d be honored to be your guide on some of those to be achieved goals… 🙂

  3. wendyvee says:

    I’m not shocked to say that we share more than a few “to-dos” 🙂

  4. FieryPinkGirl says:

    Hmmm…. My list (in no order)

    1. Help Hellcat Customs become hugely successful

    2. Ride on the Salt Flats

    3. Kick someone’s ass on the dragstrip by a second.

    4. Sturgis

    5. Publish a book of photographs of bikers

    6. Direct a motorcycle safety PSA

    7. Ride the length of Route 66

    8. Teach my daughters how to ride

    9. Organize a 1000+ bike ride for a charity

    10. Meet most of my moto-Twitter friends

    11. Ride in Ireland

    12. Learn how to flat track race

    13. Learn some stunting moves

    14. Ride through the Redwoods

    15. Ride in Australia

    16. Visit Burt Munroe’s hometown in NZ

    17. Be the main pic on a moto mag cover

    18. Ride the dragon’s tail

    19. See the IOM TT in person

    20. Help get more women involved in motorcycles

    21. Airbrush an entire bike

    22. Learn how to weld

    23. Ride at least one of every major manufacture’s bike

    24. Learn how to drag my knee

    25. Design a ground-up build

  5. Claye says:

    Nice list. We share some of the same “to-dos” and I am glad to happy to say that I have a couple of those on your list checked off already. I need to write myself up an official Motorcycle Bucket List.

  6. GLantern says:

    Goto the isle of mann for the TT, it seems to be on everyones list!

    Ride southeast asia on a motorcycle either by buying one there or getting one shipped over.

    Ride Baja

    Trip across the United States

    Those are my top 4, great idea Fuzz

  7. RascalKing403 says:

    1. Ride through Stanley Park.
    2. Ride through the Swiss Alps.
    3. Own a Ural with sidecar.
    4. Ride to Mexico.
    5. Ride Across Canada.
    6. Go to Sturgis.
    7. Make every road trip for a summer on my bike.
    8. Ride to Vegas.
    9. Build a bike.

  8. kathy says:

    Fuzzy, I had to chuckle when I read your Blog yesterday. I am on vacation with my Hubby. I was killing what little bit of spare time we had before heading out for the day with our tour group by reading your blog. Why am I telling you this? CLICK HERE to see for yourself. 🙂

    I’ll have to think more on my bucket list. It’s time to head out again today!

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      @Kathy WOW! That is AWESOME!!!!!!! I know you’re having a super-great time. As time allows, you have to share more pics on your blog so we can ride along with you. Stay safe & enjoy!

      I stayed at Bormio in 2000 but not on a bike. If you can, check out the Bagni Vecchi near by. I’ll be there, on the same bike no less – later this year. It looks so exciting!!!

  9. soth says:

    A few of mine in no particular order –

    • See a GP race at Mugello, preferably one with #46 in attendance.
    • Attempt and complete a 50cc (coast to coast of the US in under 50hrs)
    • Participate in the IronButt rally
    • Quit my job, sell most of my possessions and zig zag north & south America
    • Build my own bike
    • Ride the Nurburgring
    • Get a dirt bike and start riding in the woods (ever play roost wars with your friends? It’s a barrel of laughs!)
    • Do a few track days at Laguna Seca
    • Sign up for the 4am Bklyn street races out to Jones Beach (deathwish? Probably)
    • Get to the bottom of the questions I have in my head about ConFed motorcycles
    • Finding the inspiration / energy to keep on blogging and tweeting (I don’t know how some of you folks do it!)
    • On that note, connect with more motobloggers. Maybe start up some sort of network thing
    • Own a bike that isn’t so damn loud
    • Attempt a TwistyButt (1000 miles of twistys in under 24hrs)

    That’s all I got. For now.

  10. pimmie says:

    TwistyButt sounds nice… :))

  11. Kham says:

    Here is a great place to create, manage and share your bucket list. You can also get some interesting ideas to put on your bucket list from others.

    Check it out.

  12. Juan Carlos says:

    Hey guys, I was just part of a trip through Chile, Argentina and Boliva. It was great. Motorbiking through the desert at high altitudes its awesome. The Andes rock! I used these people: . They treat me well and did everything for me. Better than just renting on your own. Check it out. JC.

  13. George F says:

    I need to make a list too. Just by reading your list I see we have quite a few in common and I’m jealous because you already crossed “Stelvio Pass”.
    I’m planning on going to the MotoGP in Indianapolis on August 28th, you are welcome to join us, I have my brother and a friend planning on going with me, it’s on your list.
    I’m also planning on going to Alaska in 2012 🙂

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing your list, George!

      The more I read about Alaska the more it pains me that it seems so out of reach for the time being. It just looks so amazingly beautiful there. Part of me would like to delay until my daughter is able to ride there. I would love to share the experience with her.

      Indy GP this year … hmmm….

  14. Chris says:

    This is a good one if you ever get out to the West Coast of Canada

    Lots of fun, hopefully not raining though!


  15. Missrider says:

    I’ll ride the puppy dog route with you

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