2010 Plans: Dreaming of Motorcycle Riding in Italy

2010 Plans: Dreaming of Motorcycle Riding in Italy

While in Kentucky in May of 2009, Pimmie, Kenny & I chit-chatted over breakfast about what it would be like for us to get together and ride through the Italian Alps. Pimmie is from Holland and has spent some time riding through the serpentine passes that cut through the mountains. I have been to northern Italy but never by bike. Over our scrambled eggs, he painted a picture that proved irresistible.

Not long after that Kentucky trip we began to hatch a plan. Kenny and I should fly to Milan and rent bikes. Pims can ride down from the Netherlands to meet up with us. Then we three can head out into the world to explore. It looks like 2010 will be our year. At Christmas time I picked up a few Italian/Swiss maps and a travel book to whet my appetite to get the planning underway.

In general when traveling, we have a loose sketch of where we want to visit and then let the time unfold fairly naturally. I am not one to get crazed over keeping to a super-strict timeline. But, I am having a hard time estimating just how long it would take us to move through some mountain passes. Because of the nature of the roads, the potential for slow moving traffic, the desire to stop and see everything – I have no idea what to expect. I’m just writing down a running log of things I might want to see along the way and will try to work as many of them in as possible. This is getting exciting!

A Few Things on our Wish List:

Links of Interest

The Stelvio Pass
The Stelvio Pass

*Image Source: Marco Mayer, Germany

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  1. Grrr I am jealous. Enjoy it to the fullest, I’m sure that wont be hard to do. Take lotsopics and detailed reports so I can live through your eyes! Congrats! It’s going to be amaze!

  2. How do you find good rental bikes? We want to tour Southern Greece this Summer but it will take too long to ride down with limited holiday entitlement from work -;(.

    1. GL-
      Your riding is not second rate, silly.

      We’re looking forward to finally buying the plane ticket. That will mean there is no turning back. We’ll be going late summer/early fall.

  3. You shouldn’t miss the ride over the Futa and Raticosa passes between Bologna and Florence. It is where Ducati test ride their bikes and I often saw them when I lived there. The passes near the Stelvio is great, but the weather can be very unpredictable, so be careful. It can snow real early up there!

  4. Try this link Fuz.


    We have been over the Alps and Dolomites several times and enjoyed every one, even the one I will be blogging about soon.
    If you need a few ideas of where to go have a look through my previous postings. Depending on your time scale you could also touch Austria, Germany, Switzerland……….

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