Barber Motorcycle Museum: Cushman Motor Scooters

Barber Motorcycle Museum: Cushman Motor Scooters

What started from two cousins, Everett and Clinton Cushman building farming machinery and two-cycle boat engines in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1901 developed into one of the most well known commercial and industrial vehicle companies. Used in factories, the military, airports and even on the links, Cushman vehicles are everywhere. Golf cart, anyone?

From the mid 1930s through the late 1960’s, the Cushman company also produced some of the most charming 2 and 3-wheeled motor scooters with model names like the Eagle, Model 53 Airborne and the Pacemaker.

Cushman Scooter Display Barber Museum

1965 Cushman Super Silver Eagle Motor Scooter 1959 Cushman Super Eagle Motor Scooter Cushman Motor Scooter Barner Museum

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  1. Aren’t Cushmans full of cool! There used to be (and still might be) a large gathering of Cushman owner in Carlisle each summer. So great to see a group of them riding down the street!

  2. hi i have an old 3 wheeler like that one in above photo that says ice cream 5 cents i have no info on it and can’t seem to find any like model name and years made etc any help would be appreciated thanks dale

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