Left Gloves and Phone Blogging

Left Gloves and Phone Blogging

Over the past week and a half, I’ve posted to my blog using my phone exclusively. I wasnt sure how it would turn out because of the weird expectations and rules that I’ve long since established for myself. My blog has been mostly longer form posting or thoughts that I might start and come back to and finish later. I didn’t think the phone would be good for that.

But as it turns out, the phone is better at other things. I can sit down and just whip out a post like this one in a few minutes and be on my way. While the thoughts might not be deep or even concise, the process offers something else of value: immediacy.

I didn’t expect that to be of use. But, it makes sense when you think about the use of Instagram or platforms like that. I’ve got a picture to share, a few words and BAM! Donesky. There is satisfaction in that.

While I likely won’t abandon my MacBook entirely, I can see posting through the WordPress app as something I’ll continue. My hope is that short form, chit-chat-like posts aren’t a letdown. I think it’s time for me to evolve.

Oh. And speaking of chit-chat ~ do most rightys put their left glove on first and vice versa?

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  1. Right glove first or left glove?….. hmmm…. I’ve never really thought about it but now that you mention it….. that’s all I can think about!!! Damn you! … Where are my gloves?…. Now I have to check……

  2. I’m a lefty, and I always put on my right glove first. More so since I got a plate put in my left wrist as a result of hitting a deer. And no, I don’t own any deerskin gloves.

  3. Left, then right for the last 30 plus years…

    Also, have you considered a bluetooth keyboard for tapping out slightly longer posts in the hotel? I have owned a few folding keyboards over the years and have found them really useful.

  4. Left first and then Right!
    Then I realize I haven’t put my helmet on. Right off first and left off. Helmet on. Chin strapped. Now the gloves. Left first then right. ‘Daarn it! Where are the keys now?’

  5. Left pant leg before right.
    Left boot before right.
    Left glove before right.
    Right earplug before left.
    I don’t know why the earplug is different.
    It just is.

  6. If you don’t want to take them off, Icon makes the best “touch-friendly” gloves I’ve found. If only they made a cool weather gauntlet vesion.

  7. Always the left glove first. And I’m left handed. Same with boots and socks.

    Regarding the “established rules” to posting. I suffer similar rules that make it hard to deviate. Since you’ve announced posting from the phone, I’ve downloaded the WordPress app and did one post. It looks fine though I admit some mental resistance because I can’t figure out a few things — alt tags on images, H2 heads, and other things that affect SEO. Wish I never heard of that. I have so many damn rules in my head.

    1. If you click on the image, you can edit it and provide the alt tags.

      The toolbar should have an H for you to apply heading sizes for your text. Tap the text and highlight it, the click the H on the toolstrip 🙂

  8. Well there’s another thing I have in common with Steve! I’m left-handed. Left glove first, left pant, left shoe, left earplug, left sock… left glove off first, left off with all the above. Huh! Who even knew!

    1. What’s really weird for me — I put the right earplug in first. And right sleeve of shirts and jackets. And right leg of pants. I thought I was all lefty until I thought about things more closely. Can mouse with either hand.

  9. Ok here goes….. right glove first, as I’m right handed and it feels weird trying to do up the right glove tabs with a gloved left hand! Right trouser leg, boot and associated straps/zips first….BUT both earplugs simultaneously, or one doesn’t go in properly. Don’t you just hate that thing where one slowly creeps out again once you get going….Doh!

  10. Mostly left first but not always! I don’t know what sparks the change but it happens regularly…right earplug first, left pants leg first. I’m a righty…

  11. Haha, this lefty-righty thing made me laugh, then think. I’m a righty, so right glove first, and sock, and pant leg, and boot…but not earplugs. Whichever I grab first, goes first. Hummmm…

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