2010 Motorcycle Goals: West Virginia Mail Pouch Barn Ride

2010 Motorcycle Goals: West Virginia Mail Pouch Barn Ride

New York Mail Pouch Tobacco BarnIn July of 2009 I posted a listing of 3 New York State rides that I would like to take on my motorcycle. I am slightly modifying one of those rides to make a goal for this year.


Last week while in Pennsylvania, our travels took us past a handful of Mail Pouch Tobacco barns. There were a few I was unable to get shots of as we zipped along the Turnpike. That left me feeling like I’d missed something.  I want to go back and photograph them.

With the help of ohiobarns.org, I was able to pinpoint the barns that eluded me. I was also able to map a ton of West Virginia barns using the information on their site. West Virginia, motorcycle, barns, farm land… score! For me that is the making of a great ride.

My Goal

I would like to string together some barn sites and make a long weekend ride through the great motorcycling state of West Virginia. At this point I don’t have anything more than just a dimly lit light bulb of an idea. But, with so many markers in great areas how can I go wrong?

Mail Pouch Barns - West Virginia
Mail Pouch Barn Markers - West Virginia

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  1. Be sure to throw a shout out if you are looking to add some company; hopefully the timing will be right and I can sneak away and get the Kawi out on a trip. 🙂

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