Superficial Friday: Japan’s Bosozoku Motorcycle Style

Superficial Friday: Japan’s Bosozoku Motorcycle Style

Some would say that there is no accounting for taste.

I am strangely drawn to the look at photos and videos of Japan’s Bosozoku Motorcycle Gang culture.  The videos I have watched show a constant frenzy of revving noise, sparkling paint, crazy seats, ridiculous farings. All of it a strange and beautiful mishmash that I cannot tear my eyes away from.

A great collection of images can be found on this English-speaking site: Bosozoku Bikes

Bosozoku Bike
Bosozoku Bike

Do you think this subculture will ever pop up in the US? Are there already Bosozoku in your town?

Let’s hear what you have to say about the visual styling of these bikes! Yay or Yeaaaaa, ummmm… No.?

18 Replies to “Superficial Friday: Japan’s Bosozoku Motorcycle Style”

    1. I know, Arc! The whole thing is just mesmerizing! I wish they had a vid of that bike running. Those horns must play a song. $5 says its the Godfather theme πŸ˜‰

  1. While we don’t have the crazy bike styling, or long trench coats and germ masks LOL, I think we have a fair amount of throttle jockeys over here already. We don’t need this craze causing more people to look at motorcycles in a dim light. =|

  2. I am the only person that sees the similiarities in appearance between those fairings and the lost souls at the bottom of the ocean in the Little Mermaid? Yeah, probably …

  3. Sort of draws on the Goose’s bike in Mad Max (The Road Warrior) and the Gravedigger gang’s bikes in Stone.

    Stone is a classic Australian biker movie for those who’ve never heard of it. Kind of a biker version of Mad Max/Road Warrior.

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