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  1. Paper says:

    Sucks about the Boyscout Giant being gone, eh?

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      yea! Do you know what happened?

      for Williamsport – I rode through the park and was puzzled for a minute, thinking how could i possibly miss it? Then I saw the pedestal 🙁

      My friend was there in April and got a pic and then someone posted on his Facebook thread that they’d been there in May and got a pic (or was it June?) I wonder when it came down.

      This Facebook page references it being gone around June 19:

      edit: Just saw this: 🙁

  2. Paper says:

    I rode back to the Scout office and the scoutmaster said it blew down 3 years ago.
    I was there on Wednesday afternoon. I got the Sharon , PA giant and then the one at the school in Akron. (And no, I wasn’t the person who rode through the grass and parked on the cement. Some people have no respect for property)
    From there I rode down to Vinceses, IN and got the one there.
    Next day I got 2 of the three in IL. The one in Ottawa, IL was in a park that’s closed due to flooding and blocked off by police baracade.
    Luckily it’s only 70 miles from home so I’ll go get it when the water goes down.

    How’s you Giant Quest going?

    • Fuzzy Galore says:

      My tour is going… Not nearly as often as I’d like 🙂 but I knew that going in. My radius of opportunity is small. But – now I have something else to seek out even after the tour is over 🙂

  3. paper says:

    Well, I hope you’re enjoying the tour!! I really just started on the weekend before last when I grabbed Hayward, WI and Two Harbors, MN while on the way to the MN Guzzi Rally in Grand Marais, MN. From there I did a nice loop. My plan is to go back down to Ottawa, IL to get the one there, and this weekend I’m planning on going to the IA Guzzi Rally, and the one in Iowa Falls is only 2 hours from the rally, so I’ll wander over and get it Saturday.
    That’ll put me at 115 points.. If I get a long weekend I could wander up to get the one in the UP and the other one in MN as well as Pipestone.

    My issue is that I go into Rally mode when getting them and I forget to stop and smell the roses..

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