Meeting Motorcycle Traveler @TheTexasHoss

Meeting Motorcycle Traveler @TheTexasHoss

This is Tracy from Texas. We met on a balmy day in July while he was on Long Island during a cross-country trip. He’s an educator, a thinker, a dreamer, a doer and above all else a good soul. And now, I get to call him friend.

We spent a few hours talking about life, sipping beers and making a connection. Now when I read his posts and see his photos online I get a deeper understanding of the person behind the lens. It adds a whole new dimension of appreciation to someone’s sharing.

On a truly humbling note, Tracy asked me to sign his bike, which I did. It was covered in memories from the people he’s met in his travels.

Visit Tracy on Instagram @thetexashoss to get a peek at his travels across the American landscape. He has an eye and an open heart for the small moments that make a big impression.

Tracy on the Blogs: The Farr Place

Right on, ride on, Tracy!

4 Replies to “Meeting Motorcycle Traveler @TheTexasHoss”

  1. Hey that’s a VLX! I had one of those! Oh man this just made me reminisce the trips I took on that bike. I’ll bet some people would say that’s not the bike for that kinda trip but Tracy did it. I tip my helmet to the Texas Hoss. I love the idea of people he met along the way autographing the bike. And with a Fuzzygalore signature, well now it’s a collector item 😉

    1. I’m pretty sure his bike had 90K+ miles on it when he left home. More and more, i’m coming to some understanding that there isn’t a right bike. Only a right bike… for you. (you as in the individual)

      Some of the most interesting adventures i’ve read about over the last couple years are those that defy the typical. People who look at what they have and say either i’m going on this or i’m not going at all.

      1. Well said Fuzz, I agree it’s very individual. The bike, the journey…. you just know when it feels right.
        “It’s not the bike, it’s the rider” comes to mind. Tracy certainly seems like an interesting fellow. I’m really enjoying his blog. Thanks for the introduction 🙂

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