I’ve Gotta Bring My Own Sunshine

I’ve Gotta Bring My Own Sunshine

Hello, from foggy Long Island.

For the past few months I’ve followed up with doctors on some nagging issues. Yesterday, my blood work pointed out that I have a serious vitamin D deficiency. I always knew working in an office was bad for me.

One of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency is a “down-in-the-dumps” mood. Unfortunately this is something I’ve dealt with for what seems like my whole adult life. I am often… prickly, shall we say? So me feeling out of whack hasn’t been a shock or anything. It has come and gone in cycles for as long as I can remember. But, over the last year there have been some exceptionally dark moments, maybe my low-D isn’t helping.

So, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a mild winter. Can I take in a bunch of vitamin D through my faceshield?  I think wind therapy could help my case. I’ll be stuffing my gob full of vitamins and hoping for brighter days.

I’ve gotta bring my own sunshine.

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  1. Same problem here (big surprise, eh!). Those couple of hours of winter sunlight just doesn’t cut it. I think you should generalize your statement to “working is bad for your health”.

  2. As I’ve gotten older I definitely notice a difference in my state of mind as the light fades into fall and on into winter. Where I once seemed oblivious to light or temperature I’m now affected, or perhaps afflicted. Add to that emerging health issues and the body has triggered changes in my mind leading to some dismal outlooks.

    I’m careful to consume vitamin D and try and get some light though some days it’s dark on the way to work and the way home and spend my day indoors. I pay for that.

    Prickly is a nice barometer to have at your disposal for tracking how you’re doing. For me it’s gray cloud thinking. When I see it raise it’s head I know it’s time for some work…

    Good luck on your own challenge.

  3. This is the start of a bad time of year for a vitamin D deficiency–curse you, Seasonal Affective Disorder!–but I’m glad you were given a diagnosis and that you can combat it.

    Your readers know when you’re feeling blue, Fuzzy, and they worry about you.

    1. I like to pretend that no one can see anything because most people dont say anything. So, thank you <3 But you don’t have to worry. That’s something different. I’m as ok as i need to be 🙂

  4. At least you know what you need to battle now! Hopefully you can get some Vit D in your food choices which will help you make it through winter for much more sun on the other side!

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