Thoughts From My Morning Commute

Thoughts From My Morning Commute

Do you ever feel like it’s you who turns out the streetlights in the morning? Often when I approach one of the lamps on the Expressway, it turns off just before I pass under it. I assume that it was because of me.

Self-absorbed much? 😀


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  1. I always assumed that due to the design of a headlight lens, light was hitting a sensor on the bottom of the streetlight. I’ve noticed that when riding the Beemer airhead but not anything else. And its repeatable. I.e. Same lane, same light pole, day after day…

    But I like your reason better

  2. Ha! This is funny, Fuzz. Back in high school, a buddy and I discussed this very phenomenon. We theorized that streetlights switch off for the cursed, and on for the blessed.

    Considering that, it’s probably best if one experiences a bit of both. You know, eat a balanced diet, lead a balanced life, yin and yang, yada-yada. That way one isn’t too good or too bad, but juuust right. In a nursery rhyme sort of way.

    Of course, given the choice between lights doing nothing or only switching off, only switching off likely would be best: Better to be cursed by the universe than to go unnoticed. I’d hate to muddle through life just to die and have the universe shrug its shoulders and say, “Huh, sorry. I didn’t notice you down there”.

    Then again, the whole switching off thing does smack of that horror movie trope: There’s a hallway faintly lit by evenly spaced bulbs that flicker off one by one as the evil approaches…

    (Hmm, apparently this phenomenon requires further observation and analysis.)

  3. It’s human nature to think like this — our brains are hard-wired to see patterns and seek explanation, even where none exist. None of us is immune to magical thinking.

  4. A family friend once commented that this happens if you have a strong “aura”. I don’t believe in metaphysical phenomenon but I’m always reminded of her theory when “I” switch street lights on and off.

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