Route 66 – A Leap of Faith

Route 66 – A Leap of Faith

When the calendar rolled over to 2015 and the Northeast was frozen in the icy grip of a polar vortex, I didn’t really expect to see any part of Route 66. I mean, sure I’ve always fancifully thought about it but never in a real “I should do this now!” sort of way. But here you have it – my motorcycle boots on Route 66 in Illinois.

Life is mysterious and full of possibility. Gotta take a leap of faith now and then.

route 66 santa monica pier

Not only did I see the part of the eastern leg of Route 66, but I found myself standing next to the sign at the western terminus on the Santa Monica pier in the springtime. Again, when January showed its face I didn’t expect to be in the warm California sun during the year either.

Being impulsive has its perks.

illinois route 66 sign

Route 66 holds mythical sway over my imagination. Now that I’ve traveled a small length of it, I want to know more. The road seems to hold the ghosts and dreams of the people who went before you, the people searching for something, searching for themselves. There are images burned in to our collective consciousness that I need to see with my own eyes. I need to know the Mother Road.


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  1. I’ve been tempted by the road, too.. I’ve travelled a bunch of it in the wilds of New Mexico, but only by rental car while working in the area.. A motorcycle trip along the route is needed.. That, and another visit to Pietown, NM.. 😀

  2. Living in Oklahoma I see a lot of our Rt.66. We have yet to make it to the end of it, but now you hav my curiosity arroused. Sounds like a Buckey List kinda ride! Enjoy your travels as always.

  3. You spoke of “anemoia” in one of your recent posts…nostalgia for a time you didn’t live in. I think this is how I feel towards Route 66. I have no idea why Route 66 intrigues me so much. I’m a first-generation Canadian with absolutely no ties to the continent of North America but there’s just something so romantic about that particular road. The history, the roadside attractions, the little ma-and-pa diners from a bygone era.

    I will ride it start to finish one of these days!

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