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Sights from the Road: Enchanted by the Mermaid Song

The mermaids of legend were said to enchant men with their nubile beauty and alluring song. They were notorious for running ships aground or luring sailors to their demise into the seas. Along the Massachusetts and New York border, I spied this curious piece of yard art. Just as in legend, this mermaid lured me in to come ever closer to her. ::Read On::


Sights from the Road: The Worst Graffiti Ever

Sometimes your travels will take you past picturesque settings of mountain ranges echoed in the glass like reflection of a lake at its feet while other times you find the beauty of something fragile in a more urban setting like a lone flower growing through a crack in the sidewalk.


Going Back in Time: DeLorean Style

Today while I was out and about, out of the corner of my eye I spied what appeared to be the home for wayward Delorean cars. Surely this has got to be the largest concentration of the stainless steel 80s icon in one place.