Sights from the Road: The Layton Country Store and Mail Pouch Tobacco Sign

Sights from the Road: The Layton Country Store and Mail Pouch Tobacco Sign

Under Sunday afternoon’s sunny skies heading towards the finishing point of the 2009 Ramapo 500 ride, Kenny and I lumbered along a lovely tree-lined roadway in Sussex County, New Jersey behind a parade of unfortunately very slow moving motorcycles. After about 5 miles of torture taken a snail’s pace, we lazily found ourselves on county route 560 near Dingmans Ferry.

In the interest of turning lemons into lemonade, being trapped behind this rolling roadblock provided us with the impetus to stop and let some distance stretch between us and them. The Layton Country Store which was just up around the bend provided us with a perfect lunch spot. With its folksy red paint, old fashioned porch screen door entrance and wonderful Mail Pouch Tobacco sign, the store has been open for business since the 1820’s. The two of us tired but smiling, sat alone on the charming front porch with our delicious sandwiches and watched the bikes trickle by. It was another quiet and delicious moment in this life.

Mail Pouch Tobacco Sign on the Layton Country Store in New Jersey

Layton Country Store
130 County Road 560
Sandyston, NJ 07851

6 Replies to “Sights from the Road: The Layton Country Store and Mail Pouch Tobacco Sign”

  1. It was nice meeting at the Ramapo 500 over the weekend. Sorry to hear that you were slowed down by some slow moving group. I lead one of the last groups to leave and we did not have any issues with slow moving cruisers as most of them left early. I hope you enjoyed the route, the return was much faster. We ate at Toopz in Milford, NJ, just before crossing into PA

    Thank you

  2. Hiya Ben!

    It was so nice to meet you and put a face to the name. I had a GREAT time riding this weekend. Your group really put together an excellent route to and from. I’ll tell you, that slowdown at the border was the only bottleneck over the 2 days, i’m not really complaining.

    I’ll be starting my write up of the ride tonight but i’ll just say that based on my experience.. i would do the ride again in a heartbeat.

    Great time!

    Take Care-

  3. Well, i had a turkey, swiss and bacon wrap that was very tasty. Kenny had a hot taylor ham with american cheese hoagie. He got halfway thru and felt like the ham was too hammy. So i won the sandwich competition. oD

  4. Can’t wait to read the your writeup… I hope you took lots of pictures. My kid took my camera to camp so I have no pictorial documentation of the ride.

    see you on the road

  5. LOL 😀

    you can’t see it in this picture but in the Smug non-cropped version… the chalkboard that proclaims that the tobacco pouch barn “now sells cigarettes”

    LOL 🙂

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