Big Bovine, Baby! Long Island’s Giant Bull Statue

While Kenny was busy demolishing things in our house, I thought it best that I make myself scarce for a little while. I set off into the blue of the afternoon while the rest of my little family was busy.

I stumbled across a giant bull on someone’s farm. Further proof that sometimes you just have to make a left because you don’t know what’s down the road.

Giant Bull Statue for in Suffolk County NY

There were two horses hanging around the pen there, too. Normally, I’m not a big fan of horses. They kind of creep me out. Okay, not kind of. Completely. But, I had to give these two guys a pass because they have cute feet. Like yeti boots for horses. That had to buy them some cool points.

Cute Horse on Long Island

Giant Bull Statue for in Suffolk County NY


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1 Response

  1. novos says:

    know what’s scarier than horses?

    horse people. The equestrian owners are always f’in kooks.

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