Sights from The Road: Star Spangled Limousine for Sale

Sights from The Road: Star Spangled Limousine for Sale

On our way home from celebrating the Independence Day weekend in Maine, we were detoured off of our natural route home by a road closure. As luck would have it, our travels led us passed this curious beast that was parked with a For Sale sign on it. Naturally, at first glance I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the paint job and I giggled to myself thinking about how great it would be to show up to a prom or a wedding in this star spangled baby.

As I walked up to get a closer look at the limousine I spotted the Patriot Guard Rider sticker on the windshield. That was when the car’s wrapper suddenly made sense. If this livery does not continue on in that service it will sure make one hell of a conversation piece when it pulls up to the bowling alley for Tuesday league night, don’t you think?

Patriot Guard Star Spangled Limousine - Maine

Star Spangled Limousine - Maine

Partiot Guard Rider Sticker - Star Spangled Limousine - Maine

Whaddaya think? Would you totally rock these wheels or not?

5 Replies to “Sights from The Road: Star Spangled Limousine for Sale”

  1. Need a new ornament for my front lawn… I fly the flag proudly from my front porch and it may go unnoticed, this might be a better statement!

  2. No problemo, G-

    Thanks, and great post! Ilove reading about your travels. It’s good to see the old man back together again.

  3. I don’t know hot it happens!

    Did you see that the weinermobile crashed into someones house the other day? LOL

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