Sights from the Road: Best Car Ever v.3.0

What…? What is that awesomeness that I spy over there at pump number one? YES! Why yes, it IS a hamburger car! Even Kenny cannot deny the greatness of the burgermobile.

Could this one really be it this time? Dare I say it? Best. Car. Ever?

fuzzygalore hamburgermobile spotting

Hamburger art car spotted on Long Island

Hamburger art car spotted on Long Island

Hamburger art car spotted on Long Island

fuzzygalore and kenny hamburgermobile artcar


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6 Responses

  1. OG says:

    Seems like a lot of onions on that thing 😛

  2. Fuzz! says:


    As we were sitting there, Kenny said something like.. Lots of onions.. just the way you like it!

  3. Biker Ted says:

    From the front it looks like a sea monster hiding under a rock.

  4. OG says:

    Yo! Sigmund! long time, no see …

  5. Princess scooterpie says:

    I wonder if the have a smart car decked out as fries….

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