Sights from the Road: Chinese Takeout Mobile

Sights from the Road: Chinese Takeout Mobile

The number of wacky cars that we’ve been encountering lately is really starting to become comical. Is Long Island some kind of hotbed for art car activity? Will everyone soon be driving around in giant fiberglass highheels and riding banana bikes? If so, maybe I’ll finally start to love this place!

We saw this gem on a family jaunt tonight. Kung Pow Car! Hiyaaaa!

Chinese Take Out Box Van

7 Replies to “Sights from the Road: Chinese Takeout Mobile”

  1. Seriously, I don’t know how it happens! They’re everywhere!!! Not that I’m complaining. Lord knows I love silly things. I feel like there are many silly things out there in California just waiting for me to come back and find. I still kick myself for not taking a picture of the giant hammer near Eureka.

  2. I can send you a pic of Bill’s hammer if you want one. It’s just a couple miles from me.

  3. Oh yea? Would you? That’d be awesome! Can you include your bike in it? Though i wish it were me in person, it would be like i’m there all over again in spirit. NorCal is so delicious. msfuzzygalore a t g m a i l d o t c o m, please!

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