Sights from the Road: It Wasnt a Rock, It was Rock Lobster Art Car

This afternoon while out cruising around I just happen to stumble across what could easily be in the top 3 art cars that I’ve seen so far. I give you… the Lobstermobile.

The sign rubberbanded around his claw said that he was for sale. Just look at that face. He’s really got that pathetic “take me home, please” look down pat. Somehow I managed to gird myself against his piteous gaze and ride away. We don’t need a giant lobster, we don’t need a giant lobster, we don’t need a giant lobster…

The Lobster Pickup Truck
The lobster car as seen in Long Island - New York
The Lobster Pickup Truck

More interesting art cars that I’ve seen on the road:


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3 Responses

  1. goldenchild says:

    I rove to eat da robster craws. I rove you Licky Rake!

  2. That Car says:

    while That Car doesn’t sport a lobster like this, it does have Champ, the sea monster of Lake Champlain

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