2011 International Motorcycle Show – New York City

The 2011 International Motorcycle Show comes rolling in to New York City’s Jacob Javits Center on January 21. I will definitely be attending.

Though I am not in the market for a new bike and I almost never buy anything at the show, I just like to go and look at everything. Observing the many facets of the motorcycle community all in one place is a people watcher’s dream. Love it.

Kenny and I will be hooking up with Soth from Steady on the Humble at the show. What day are you going?

What’s Happening at the HUB?

The HUB offers informational seminars and instruction on a diverse range of topics. I’m particularly interested in seeing:

  • Lee Parks – Advanced Riding Techniques
  • Cristina Shook -Who Are Women Riders Today: A Visual Presentation
  • Jeremy LaBreton – Offroad Adventure Riding
  • Sue Slate – Dual Sport Riding
  • John Colandrea – First Responder: Accident Scene Management

See the full weekend schedule.

Women Ride

The women-specific area is returning to the 2011 show. Need some information on riding gear, learning to ride, or skill building? Feel more comfortable getting guidance from a lady who has been where you are now? This is the place for you.

Read about Women Ride

Friends Strutting Their Stuff on the Floor

The lines at opening time are always long. Buy your tickets online – it makes life easier. The show website has a $4 off coupon.

Chicks On Bikes – IMS After Party 6PM Sunday 1/23

After the close of the show on Sunday night, there is a little motorcycle chick get together happening. Take a peek at Christina Shook’s blog for details. Fear not, well-behaved XY’s are welcome too.

Will I see you there?


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11 Responses

  1. GLantern says:

    I’ll be there Saturday!

  2. ToadMama says:

    Aw, man. That’s the one I just went to in DC. I would so be at that after-party if I were in the NY area. I’m not sure if she was at the DC show. My visit was not exactly planned. Have fun! You can see that new Speed Triple withy our very own eyes.

  3. James says:

    I’ll be there on Sunday and I am in the market for a new bike this year.

  4. Shybiker says:

    I go every year and, while I usually take it in on Sunday, this year I’m going on Saturday (to be able to meet someone for dinner in NYC afterward).

    The greatest part of the show, for me, is getting to see bikes in the flesh that I’ve ogled in photos. Often, my opinion changes from those encounters. Bikes that impressed me in magazines sometimes disappoint me in person and vice versa.

    This year, I’m particularly going to check out the new BMW K1600GTL which may replace my LT next year. I want to sit on it, feel its dimensions and check out its looks.

  5. DUC748 says:

    Did they even have the new Speed Triple at the (DC) show??? I only saw the previous model in red/white myself. The show was missing a bit from previous years, but I say that each year. No official Ducati booth. No KTM, MV Agusta or Ural. One addition to this years show…Hil went. 😉

    No Mar had a booth. I picked up a tool collar (holds the tire paste container along with other small assorted tools) and “The Yellow Thing” for $50 in cash…the two would cost $61 normally. Not sure if that was show pricing or from mentioning I already owned the classic model and love it.

    I sat on the Repsol 1000RR and really liked that alot! Suzuki…eh. Diavel…very different. New Multistrada…my left heel rests on the actuator for the center stand…what’s up with that!? Love the Hyper but not sure if that’s a fit for me. The Tesi was there in all carbon…so hawt! A few race bikes were on hand from the likes of Ben Spies, Martin Cardenas, Danny Eslick and Joan Lascorz.

    Jason Briton is doing the stunt show! < squeals!!! =| LOL

    Fuzz, can you and Kenny pick up a few of the Ben Spies posters from the Yamaha booth? Somehow we made Yamaha last on the circuit and while they had a TON of CEII and YourGay the guy laughed when I said "What? No Ben Spies!?" and replied "They disappeared a loooong time ago." Boo. Hoo. I can get them from you in the spring when you come down.

  6. DUC748 says:

    Ducati and BMW are hard to miss when present and I saw neither represented beyond local dealership areas. And I completely don’t understand the presence of the outgoing S3 if there is a complete redesign for 2011…if I missed the 2011 model in DC why was it sharing space with the old model?

    Hil liked the show. She sat on the Honda 250R (she liked it alot) and the Kawasaki 250R (felt taller, heavier to her). Plopped her on the CanAm Spyder for the hell of it. That copper/black they have is great looking. That might have been the extent of it for her. She did enjoy going and tried on a jacket that we may turn around and purchase at some point.

    If you miss out on the poster no biggie…I should have hit the both first with how much I like the cross plane R1. So much for save (my) the best for last. hahaha

  7. GLantern says:

    I would be there early but the train is so slow getting in. I’ll be there a bit before noon with 2 local riders from my area and 2 others who are looking to purchase soon. After we get there though i’m sure i’ll be there for a while if you all want to meetup and meet some new faces lmk.

  8. Lee Parks is always a good watch. I found the show to be “meh…” for the most part this year. It was very cool to see some of the bike we’ve been talking about and speculating about on the show the last year, but otherwise, I think maybe this can be an every 2-3 year thing rather than an every-year thing for me going forward.

  9. Fuzzygalore says:

    I hear you, Chris. The show in NY was so packed on Saturday – I didn’t get to see a damned thing. Very frustrating.

    The part I liked best – was meeting up with old friends and getting a chance to meet some new ones.

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