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Lunch on the Road with a Sweet New Friend

Just last week I was waxing poetic about meeting road ghost and thinking about all of the wonderful people I’ve met while riding my motorcycle. On Sunday when the lady behind the counter of...


Hey, I Know That KTM! …and Other Coincidences

The Universe is amazing. All of those stars, planets people, animals, atoms… mind boggling. Are we all entangled? When we move are the vibrations of our lives and actions felt by others? Is being...


The Sunday Ride That Wasn’t

As I cruised into day 24 of the BEDN (blog everyday in November) Challenge, my brain flickered out like an old bulb. You see, I didn’t ride a motorcycle at all today. That in...


A Day in the Life: Maintenance

Today is maintenance day. For my roots. Weird. I was the only woman who rode their motorcycle to the salon this morning.


Road Songs: …These Two Lanes Will Take Us Anywhere

Whenever I hear the harmonica breeze in at the opening of Thunder Road, I’m immediately transported somewhere else. Now, I’m not what you’d call a Bruce Springsteen fan but there is something nostalgically romantic about...


Give Me The Road – I Need to Feel Free

This year was… odd. There were all sorts of stops and starts and bumps in the road that caused me to lose my place, lose my footing. One thing that I really missed out...


Want to Make Friends? Ride a Motorcycle.

After dinner tonight I rode in to town to have coffee with some of the guys. Along the way I was think ing about the many friendships that I’ve made over the years because of...


You Know What YOU Should Do? …Shut The Hell Up.

This morning I saw an article on Ultimate Motorcycling by Ron Lieback. It was called 7 Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding. I shared it on my Facebook page. As the morning rolled on I...


Listening to My Dad While I’m Riding

It’s been such a strange few months since my Dad passed away. When I’m riding my motorcycle I feel like I can hear his voice much more easily than at any other time. That’s...


MotoBlogger Meet-Ups: Have You Had Good Luck?

Have you had any experience with meeting up with other riders that you ‘got to know’ either through their comments on your blog or from reading theirs? I’ll extend that out to people that...