Lunch on the Road with a Sweet New Friend

Lunch on the Road with a Sweet New Friend

Just last week I was waxing poetic about meeting road ghost and thinking about all of the wonderful people I’ve met while riding my motorcycle. On Sunday when the lady behind the counter of the Granville Country Store handed me my turkey sandwich and I went outside to eat it, little did I know I would meet another memorable character.

This one had four legs and had deftly mastered the art of looking pathetic.

I never even eated anything, ever. In my whole life.

begging dog

You won’t gived me any sammich so I’ll just lick these airs for turkey particles.

begging dog

Ugh. So starvings I just died about it.

lazy mutt

This ole mama-dog kept me company while I ate. She was very laid back and sweet.

When I finished eating she even walked me back to my bike before saying goodbye.

granville country store

Stay cool, mama. I won’t forget you.

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