Give Me The Road – I Need to Feel Free

Give Me The Road – I Need to Feel Free

This year was… odd. There were all sorts of stops and starts and bumps in the road that caused me to lose my place, lose my footing.

One thing that I really missed out on in 2013 was taking a road trip on the bike. Each year I try to get away for at least one week+ long trip. Sadly, I just couldn’t work it out.

There is something so freeing that happens at the precise moment that I give myself over to being on vacation. The minute I turn on my Out of Office message it is like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. It is in that moment and the following days that I feel free.


Living unfettered and in the moment.

Seeing, feeling, hearing the now.

I miss that. I need that.

rolling along in virginia

Are you able to zero in on that feeling of freedom when you’re doing something other than riding? Or is that your fix?

4 Replies to “Give Me The Road – I Need to Feel Free”

  1. Snowboarding also does it for me. When I’m on my downhill(long) board, nothing else matters but me and the terrain under me. When I find the right rythm and timing, it’s magic. And like riding a bike, it’s also an activiy I can enjoy with others or by myself. Bob B

    1. That’s awesome that you can channel those feelings with snowboarding.

      I have some things that allow me to relax and enjoy them – but not to the same immersion degree that I seem to be able to capture with riding.

      1. For me, the similarity of the two experiances are that they both require high levels of concentration to be done at a level that I consider both safe and fun. I find that exhilirating, not exhausting.

  2. When I fly I get that feeling as well, however sadly I have not had much time for it in the past few years since I have been riding.

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