MotoBlogger Meet-Ups: Have You Had Good Luck?

MotoBlogger Meet-Ups: Have You Had Good Luck?

the gang on the cherohala

Have you had any experience with meeting up with other riders that you ‘got to know’ either through their comments on your blog or from reading theirs? I’ll extend that out to people that you chit-chat with on Twitter, forums, G+, Instagram and Facebook while I’m at it.

in yosemite

Do you think that reading peoples posts and looking at their photos gives you a fair impression of what they’re like before you meet them in person?

pimmie and me going to stelvio

kenny & meAs it turns out, I actually met my husband Kenny 287 years ago on a group ride that was organized on a forum that we both frequented. Life is mysterious. Nerds on motorcycles found love through 1s and 0s.

I rub digital elbows with so many people who seem cool or interesting that I’d like to meet in person. But then I convince myself that they’d hate me if they met me in person. Kenny says I have mental problems. Which then furthers me down the introvert path. Nobody likes a crazy broad. Am I right?

Have you had good luck meeting online moto-friends in person?


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  1. Let’s see…. in no particular order I’ve met Bobskoot, Rogey, Richard, Dom, Katy, Conchscooter, Mq01, Sonja and Roland, Chris of Everyday Riding, V-Star Lady, Guido, Erik, Orin, Chuck, Cesar, Bluekat, Irondad, Polarbear, and Bolty. I’ve never had a bad experience and look forward to meeting others. The only blogger that actually surprised me was Rogey, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

  2. I got to meet Trobairitz during a multi-state tour this summer. I don’t blog but I follow hers all the time and I really wanted to meet her! She was gracious enough to meet me for coffee in a public place and give me to cool local route to my destination. She was very much as I expected from her blog postings…personable, interesting and cool.

    1. I’ve met the list Troubadour mentioned above and add Colleen to that list as she mentioned.

      Never had a bad experience meeting moto-bloggers. I think people are very much their online personas and genuine, and if not you can tell from their postings, etc. most often we wished we had more time with everyone and the meetings were too short.

      Now Colleen, Ms. Motorcyclist Extraordinaire – when are you starting that blog?

  3. 287 years! I would have never guessed that you were almost three centuries old. You don’t look it at all.

    Yes, very good experiences meeting other motobloggers. I’ll cut and paste Troubadour’s list and modify…

    In no particular order I’ve met Bobskoot, Toubadour, Trobairitz, Dom, Conchscooter, Sonja and Roland, Chris of Everyday Riding, V-Star Lady, Erik, Bluekat, Irondad, Polarbear, Bolty, Steve Williams, Jack Riepe, Beemergirl. Bob and Sharon from AlaskaPeeks, GeorgeF, CCjon, and Mike from Riding and Thinking About It.

  4. I’d love to say yes but no :-(. I’m entirely sure it’s mostly my problem – I’m definitely ‘on the spectrum’, meaning I come across comparatively well online & am far better at interacting with my fellow humans in ASCII than I am in person, meaning that people who I think I have know well online over many years and who seem genuinely excited to meet me tend to be distinctly underwhelmed by the experience.

    This used to make me sad, angry and frustrated, but at a certain point in one’s life one just has to put one’s hands up and say ‘Meh, you’ve had over 40 years of failing to get your head around interacting face to face with the rest of humanity, stop flogging a dead horse and just forget about it & go ride!’. For me, without going into details, the Isle of Man TT in 2011 was a pretty defining moment in clarifying that for me..

    I haven’t really even blogged about riding for a couple of years, now. Who cares who else on the internet gets to know how much fun I’m having or otherwise?

    Of course it could be just that as I get older I become more bitter, twisted, cynical & misanthropic than I always was (and that’s saying something), but I don’t think so. People are sometimes really not remotely awesome.

    Sorry to be a total downer, but I guess you needed some balance to all the positivity, right? 🙂

  5. Bobskoot, Toubadour, Trobairitz, Dom and family, Conchscooter, Sonja, Irondad, Polarbear, Bolty, Also borrowed and edited from the list above. 🙂 All great folks and positive experiences I must say.

    I’ve one sort of negative meet up but not a rider and not via blogs. Wasn’t completely terrible, but this person was very negative on the forums we both visited, and that negativity was definitely part of his real life personality.

  6. I’ve only actually met one blogger in person, and that was awesome. I’m sure you are far more interesting than you give yourself credit for. I’m going to try hard to head north in 2014 and prove it! I’m hoping to meet another blogger in February that I “met” through you.

  7. I met Fuzz through a forum and she’s fantastic, I have thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity I’ve had to spend with her (and Crudbubble). Taking her 6R allows me to bring her along on each ride, I can’t even bring myself to remove the decals! LOL

    Miss you guys!

    1. Is that a beet with arms and legs? A crunked heart with a weed growing out of it’s head? Yeesh! I need to remember to use the right email address!

  8. Hey! I’m the “blogger” mentioned in Kathy’s comment above! We both enjoyed meeting in person and it cemented our friendship.

    You are another example of a wonderful person whom I met in person and that deepened our friendship. I’m grateful you gave me that opportunity. Sure, we’re both shy but that didn’t stand in the way of our becoming friends.

    I interact with a lot of people online and have met 15-20 of them in person. From those experiences, I learned that you don’t really know someone until you meet them in person. There’s so much vital information that doesn’t come across until then. In five minutes of being in someone’s presence, you pick up reams of information about who they are. That’s when you “know” them. Before that, you’re just guessing and, on occasion, we guess wrong. People can conceal important aspects of themselves online and I’ve seen that. Which is not a reason to refrain from meeting online friends in person; in fact, it’s the opposite. Personal meetings are the way to make or break a true friendship.

    1. Come to think of it, I’ve looped Fuzzy’s daughter’s KLX110 in their yard trying to wheelie it… been an enabler in parading through 800 degree temps in CA… tried to convince them I never go to the Rock Store…even made them endure a terrible leprechaun voice.

      What a douche!

      1. Well thank goodness WE”VE never met…

        Oh wait. 🙂

        One forum was pretty good to me and a few folks that I now happily call my friends.

        1. I still tell tales of what a colossal a-hole I looked like driving a King Ranch, and how I deserved that middle finger you gave me.

  9. I’ve met several dozen motobloggers and almost as many vloggers over the last few years. Most were positive experiences and in most cases the real life was more fun than online.

    I’m always interested in a meetup. If you’re near MN let me know.

  10. Only met a few (3, to be exact) but every one was very positive and none were a surprise from what I expected based on their on-line personas. I hope to meet more over the coming years.

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