The Old Meshoppen Firehouse – Route 6, Pennsylvania

When you don’t live in or routinely travel through a place you aren’t able to witness the incremental changes that occur there day in and day out. As a casual traveler who may only pass through after long periods of time, change can be like a frying pan to the face in a cartoon.

In the last decade I’ve passed by the little historical Meshoppen Fire House on Route 6 in Pennsylvania a few times. Seeing its decline after being hit by a truck is a bummer. Priorities being what they are for small towns, I wonder if it will ever return to its former glory.

the old Meshoppen Pennsylvania firehouse on Route 6 and KTM ^90 Enduro Motorcycle - august 2016
August 2016
the old Meshoppen Pennsylvania firehouse on Route 6 C5 Corvette Convertible - august 2021
August 2021
the old Meshoppen Pennsylvania firehouse on Route 6 and Yamaha FZ07 Motorcycle - September 2023
September 2023

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