7 Replies to “The Most Awesomest Hood Ornament EVER!”

  1. ‘Tis time we all attach front fender ornaments to our bikes. But what would they be–ornaments of our cages (boring); of our other bikes (maybe); of flying pigs (only when pigs fly); of ponies and unicorns (hmmm); of Gumby and Pokey (only Fuzzy can pull that off, and only on the Ural); of flaming skulls (yes, for some bikes); or perhaps jousting sticks? Yes, jousting sticks… And then, when we encounter other fender ornament jousters on the open road, we’d be obliged to battle.

    Cool ornament, Fuzzy. What is it on? It looks like it might be a vintage pickup.

    1. I’d have to go with stuff on the silly side. Though I have daydreamed about mounting a harpoon on my bike more than once.

      The ornament was on an 80s Ford Econoline-type van 😀

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