A Strange Encounter on Route 6 in Ohio

A Strange Encounter on Route 6 in Ohio

While riding through a fairly residential section of Route 6 in Ohio, as I approached the intersection of a side street, a big silvery fish fell out of the sky. Thick and long, it’s 18 inches met the pavement with an unceremonious, vaguely moist sounding splat. It was a sound that transcended the noise filtering of my earplugs. If you’ve never heard a big fat fish shake hands with the ground from 40 feet up well, let me tell you – it’s surprisingly loud.

My guess is that a mighty big bird must’ve be working pretty hard to carry its feast to high ground. It’s straining claws just couldn’t hang on anymore and it let the fish go. Or… you know, aliens.

The whole episode reminded me of my pancake encounter. Life is mysterious.

My mom calls me Ray 🙂 Somewhere along Route 6 in Ohio.

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