Giant Chicken Army: North Carolina’s Master of Disguise

Don’t sleep on the Giant Chicken Army. I’ve warned you all before but it’s the same old story. No one does anything until it’s too late.

While heading towards the Dragon in October, I encountered another mobilized soldier, but this time the scaly legged critter was in uniform. Or… disguise.

Perhaps, as previously postulated, it is the same chicken following me but the long way ’round and he’s wearing a new t-shirt to try to blend in. This theory is terrifying on several levels. The most troubling being that this chicken has ESP to know where I’m going before I do. I mean we’re talking about Men Who Stare at Goats-level PsyOps.

I’m telling you, people. They/He is everywhere. Next time you see a pair of beady eyes staring in your window one night, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


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5 Responses

  1. Mike Ross says:

    I used to have nightmares about giant chickens until I bought My Pillow. Now I dream of Jeannie.

  2. Lowell Hollars says:

    Cool photo! Chickens are just dinosaurs, right? In Gila Bend, Arizona there’s a Shell gas station that has dinosaurs all over the place. See for one of my photos from a recent ride.

  3. Lowell says:

    Hi Rachael

    Last summer I made a one-day motorcycle ride to Yarnell, Arizona and ran across a giant cowboy spur at an intersection. I didn’t stop to make a photo due to the heavy traffic, although later I wished I had. Anyway, I wanted to have a photo of it for my online photo album of my trip so grab a photo of the spur off the internet. You might be interested in this photo, if so check it out at

  4. Lowell says:

    Whoops, the above URL link doesn’t show where the original photo came from unless you click in the upper right-hand corner of the photo. The original photo is from and is a photo by Vinny Gragg. The GPS coordinates are 34.017049, -112.798022.

    The spurs are about 20 feet tall and have been there since 2015.

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