Road Tripping in Pennsylvania – Winding Road Next 10 Miles

After I finished up my breakfast at the Wellsboro Diner, I set off west towards Galeton on Route 6. From there I would pick up 144 south and follow that towards Moshannon. Hanging a right on 879 north towards Karthaus and the Quehanna Highway, I was looking for Wykoff Run Rd.

Quehanna Highway? Karthaus? Why did I know these names?

Just a few miles in, I realized that I’d been there before while I was picking up three bonuses during the Mason-Dixon 2020 Rally. The most memorable was a tumbled down cemetery tucked in the woods called Keating Karthaus Road. (I’m glad I didn’t go there at night. I would have shit my pants.)

Wykoff Run Road was recommended in RoadRunner Magazine. After missing the turn even though I have voice prompting GPS (a talent, really) I doubled back and found this sign about a quarter-mile in:

winding road next 10 miles road sign on wycoff run road in pennsylvania and a triumph tiger 1050 motorcycle

And while this one may not be as exciting as the time I saw the greatest road sign in the world? I’ll still take it any day of the week.

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6 Responses

  1. Wycoff Run road is a great little ride. At the bottom of the road, across the West Branch of the Susquehanna River is a little tavern that used to have good lunches. Haven’t been up that way in a few years so I’m not sure if it’s still open.

    The Quehanna Wilderness Area is a very odd place. The reason it even exists is by dumb luck and the insistence in the late 1950s by then Secretary of Forests and Waters Maurice K. Goddard that the commonwealth get the land back should a deal with Curtiss Wright go south. The state forced out all the residents and cabins so that Curtiss Wright could build some big aviation engines. Rumor has it that they were going to be nuclear powered. Not sure of the truth of that statement. Anyways, they needed a big, empty area for noise and other potential problems. During the deal with the state at the last minute Goddard said, “Hey, if you guys fail here I want the land back.”. They failed, and the state now has this wonderfully large, empty wilderness area. If you wander around some of the little lanes off the Quehanna Highway you will find some of the old testing bunkers that Curtiss Wright used. They must have been afraid of something bad happening because those bunkers are heavy duty. They’re far creepier than the falling down cemetary.

    Really enjoying your ride through PA. Makes me want to quit my job and go for a ride…

  2. Ralph C says:

    I love spending time in the PA Wilds. I’m up there on the three day weekends with the hang glider club at Hyner, riding my Dr-z or KLR around the dirt roads. On a road ride to Canada last month I took 120 west from Renovo and saw some elk in Benezette and a black bear along the river on the way home.

  3. Robert says:

    Just discovered your site via Steve Williams’ Scooter in the Sticks site. I like it already! Ride safe!

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