Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Williamsport, Pa. Giant is Missing

The Williamsport, Pa. Whispering Giant was right up the block from the hotel I stayed at in town. My plan for the day was to swing by, take a picture of it and then head off towards Lock Haven to start a ride loop.

When I pulled up the spot where I’d seen it on Google Streetview there was… nothing.

fuzzygalore at the williamsport pa whispering giant

I parked and walked up to find only the pedestal and plaque remaining. My heart broke a little.

One of my friends who is also doing the Whispering Giant Grand Tour posted a photo of it on Facebook in April, so I knew it hadn’t been missing for long. I was bummed.

missing williamsport whispering giant

Now that I have had an opportunity to search the web, it seems that the Giant was removed in mid-June. I came up a day late and a dollar short on seeing Chief Woapalanee.

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3 Responses

  1. Sumoflam says:

    Rachel: It’s sad you missed it. But, take heed in knowing it’s not the first one to go away. Wood needs to be reworked, stained, etc. in order to last….but you know this.

    There is another whispering giant out there just waiting to peer down at you!!!

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      Yes, you’re right. I did get to see 2 others on this trip.

      They are so majestic when you see them, they really convey so much emotion – it’s sad to know that they don’t last forever even of you want them to. That’s the shame of it, really. But that’s the circle of life, i guess.

  2. paper says:

    It’s frustrating when you ride so far to get the photos, only to find out they’re missing or not accessible..

    I felt the same way with the one in Peninsula, OH at the Boy Scout camp, only to find out it’d been blown over 3 years ago. And the one in Ottawa, IL was RIGHT THERE at the bottom of the hill, but due to the river flooding, the park was closed and the entire park was encircled with Police Line, Do Not Cross.. I called the local police department to get permission to just walk the 100 yards and the reply was a stern “Negative!” (kind of a dick comment)

    As Sumoflam mentioned, they’re wooden carvings.. The one in Hayward, WI is in poor shape and the one in Dunkirk, NY just got new feathers according to a couple locals.

    One side note, while it’s fun to find the Whispering Giants by yourself, I found it amazing to actually contact locals about them.. I spent over an hour with an older gentleman in Ottawa, IL who watched Peter Toth do a great deal of the carving on the one there. We chatted about motorcycles, the river, the town, and travelling.. While I didn’t get my photo, I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything.. 🙂

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