SPOT Tracker Reporting Gaps

After picking up a few postcards and finishing up breakfast in Wellsboro, I set off west on 362 and 6 to pick up route 144 south in Galeton. I followed that all the way to down towards Moshannon where I picked up 879 to Karthaus.

But for someone like Kenny who was following my SPOT tracker, you wouldn’t have known that even though I have the tracker set to ping every 10 minutes.

I’m not sure why my SPOT started smoking crack in this particular area. If heaven forbid I really needed it during this leg, no one would’ve know where I actually was. That kind of defeats the purpose.

I didn’t move the device or do anything differently with it during this leg. Maybe central PA is the event horizon.



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  1. RichardM says:

    I’ve noticed gaps before depending on the orientation of the device. When carried in a pocket, the orientation was vertical and possibly somewhat directional depending on which way I was facing. On my current trip, I have it mounted to the bike (I know, far from ideal) but no gaps with the “face” straight up like recommended by Spot. Well some gaps when I forget to turn on tracking…

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