Stumbling Upon the 2011 Spring MotoGiro East

Stumbling Upon the 2011 Spring MotoGiro East

A few weekends ago while on a Sunday group ride across the Mohawk Trail near North Adams, Massachusetts, to our collective surprise we found ourselves smack in the middle of the 2011 Spring MotoGiro East.

Bultaco in MotoGiro East

What is the MotoGiro USA?

The Motogiro USA is a motorcycle event promoted by the United States Classic Racing Association (USCRA). It is basically a two-day skill event for small displacement classic motorcycles, scooters and sidecar rigs on public roads.

The event caters to motorcycles that were made before 1969 and are 305ccs or less.

MotoGiro East MotoGiro East Sidecar MotoGiro East

Because this ride is held on public roadways there were moments when we were traveling up and over the mountain on Route 2, side by side with some of the competitors. We quickly found a spot to pull over and watch them make their way.

BMWs parked watching MotorGiro

Sure, I’ve seen beautiful vintage bikes parked at events or cruising around town – but I’ve never seen so many of them being put to good use the way these were. It was awesome!

MotoGiro USA East MotoGiro USA East Yamaha MotoGiro East

I won’t lie. As we stood watching them zip by, I clapped and maybe even Whooooo‘d. And yea, I know that’s really corny. 🙂

In a completely random and “small world” moment, I believe I just happened to snap a photo of Bob, whom I met doing the Crotona Midnight Run this year.

Bob on Honda Scrambler - MotoGiro East

Have you ever seen or participated in a MotoGiro?

For More Info on MotoGiro USA:

13 Replies to “Stumbling Upon the 2011 Spring MotoGiro East”

    1. When you consider how the universe has to align just right to put two people who havent communicated in anyway in the same place – in a state where neither one of them live – it’s pretty neat.

  1. What a really cool event to stumble across! It’s always fun to see the bikes at shows, but doubly so, when they are on the road. Lucky you!

    1. Sure, was!
      It was so cool to be riding side by side with these folks heading up the mountain. You really got a chance to get a good look at the bikes. Made you appreciate the effort all the more.

  2. I used to think that me riding a MotoG mount would be akin to a bear racing a tricycle. Then, I started putting miles on my CT70 and my perspective is a little different. Or, maybe I care less what people think at this point in my life. In any case, let’s consider it back on my list of potential two wheeled adventure. Besides, I think it’s high time I owned a Montesa Impala Sport…

  3. You might be interested to know that with 120 guys running in this event a young lady (Devon Frazier) came in first in her class (125CC) and also first overall.

  4. Yes, THAT IS ME!!! #49 . I won the 305 class at that Giro, with my ’65 CL77 sometimes running on only one cylinder. Maybe I’ll see you at the 2012 Midnight Run. I’ll be coming down from NH, and my daughter will be coming down from Troy, NY to be my navigator on my K100RT/EML rig.

    If anyone is looking for a nice, cheap Giro ride, I’m selling my ’65 Honda Benly 150. I rode it in the fall 2011 Giro, and it never missed a beat, even in the pouring rain. $1275. Husabob(at)yahoo(dot)com for more info and pics. A video walkaround and the bike running:

    1. P.S My mom lives in Somers, NY., so I can always bring my Benly with me some weekend to save you a drive to NH! Including the Midnight Run on 2/4/2012. Thanks, Bob B

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