California Love: Finding Gold on CA 49

California Love: Finding Gold on CA 49

Okay, I’m just going to apologize up front. You’re probably going to get a teensy-weensy bit of drool on your keyboard. A quick dab with a napkin oughta do it. It’ll be our little secret.

Hairpin turn on route 49 california

Sometimes what you don’t see on a road can set your imagination on fire. Two pieces of the same road doubling back on each other? It can only lead you to believe that they are sewn together with a hairpin kink. In the case of this picture on CA 49, you’d be right.

curves on route 49 california

Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

And of course, sometimes what you do see…? Well, that can get your blood pumping too. As we descended into a valley heading towards Coulterville we were able to get a glimpse of the road we’d just ridden.

Riding on CA 49

This portion of 49 reminded me of the Cherohala Skyway in some ways. It combined tight turns and flowing sets of curves that hugged the ridge of the mountains. All of them cradled by the backdrop of beautiful mountain vistas.

Looking out on CA 49

This stretch of road on the map:

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7 Replies to “California Love: Finding Gold on CA 49”

  1. Great pics! I especially like the second one with that ribbon of asphalt slithering through the foothills like some glorious ancient serpent.

    If I don’t get on some similar roads soon my head is gonna explode. My October 21 trip to the Talimena byway can’t get here soon enough.

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