So Long, November – Let the Holiday Season Begin

So Long, November – Let the Holiday Season Begin

Today is the last day of November. And as such it is the last day of BEDN (blog every day in November) so I’ll stop bothering you 🙂

Tomorrow when December comes knocking I’ll be putting the Ural’s Christmas wreath back on the luggage rack. I just can’t bring myself to do it before then.

If I remember correctly, I bought the mylar wreath at Target. It’s pretty weather proof. I also got a set of battery powered lights for a couple o’ bucks and strung them through it, so it also lights up for extra festive-ness.

The ole knobby tire wreath will be coming out of the attic tomorrow, too.

It’s officially be the holiday season!

ural and its wreath

Wishing You And Yours Much to Be Thankful For

Wishing You And Yours Much to Be Thankful For

much loveThe day we set aside for giving thanks is just a few short hours away. And so I want to give thanks for motorcycles, for you, for the love that comes my way each and every day.

It really is fascinating how the words of someone on the other side of the country or maybe the world affect you. Even if you’ve never met, you formulate some idea of who that person is. After all these years the idea that someone takes the time out of their busy day to leave a comment on a blog, thumb-up a photo or chit-chat via Twitter still makes me feel like a million bucks.

Thank you for all your snark and your wisdom. Thank you for reading.

Wishing you lots of love, laughter and a boatload of pie on Thanksgiving Day. If you’re riding, ride safe.



Hey, I Know That KTM! …and Other Coincidences

Hey, I Know That KTM! …and Other Coincidences

The Universe is amazing. All of those stars, planets people, animals, atoms… mind boggling. Are we all entangled? When we move are the vibrations of our lives and actions felt by others?

Is being in the same unlikely place at the same time as someone you know chalked up to coincidence? Or do you think the Universe is at work, moving you into position like some giant chess game?

For example~

During the Void Rally 8,  over 12 hours after starting the rally two states away, with no prior knowledge of each other’s routes I entered the highway in Annapolis, Maryland just as Catfish was passing that very entrance ramp.

Now, you could argue that we had similar thought processes when we planned our routes. But as it turned out, we didn’t visit the same exact same bonus locations up to that point. Then when you factor in stopping for gas, stopping to use the restroom, traffic lights, wrong turns, etc. – that we would cross paths at that moment was pretty amazing.

Not only that, but I didn’t see any other rally riders all day. The one other rally rider I did happen to see… was a friend.

The reason I have been thinking about this is that just this afternoon I just happened to pull up next to this guy:

kennys ktm

My husband, Kenny.

He’s been on vacation and had been out dirt riding. What are the chances we’d be in the exact same place at the same time? This island has almost 8 million people on it. You could say that we might be inclined to be on the same road at some point because this is where we live and there are only so many major artery roadways. But to pull up right next to one another?  The odds are pretty slim, I think.

Kennys KTM

But I supposed the chances of seeing him this afternoon were just as good as they were back in June when I happened to pull up behind him on the highway. Neither of us knew where there other was at that moment. He was coming back from a trip to PA and I was coming back from upstate New York . We were about 60 miles from home.


I’m beginning to think that maybe he just drives around with this KTM in the back of his truck all the time and is following me – the long way ’round.

Does this happen to you too?

Riding with Dogs – Cool or… Not So Much?

Riding with Dogs – Cool or… Not So Much?

The last time we were in California, I met this guy who rides with his poodle strapped to his belly:

riding with dogs

Since we like to weigh in on what other people are up to – what do you think? Is riding with your pup too dangerous or is it all good?

The Sunday Ride That Wasn’t

The Sunday Ride That Wasn’t

As I cruised into day 24 of the BEDN (blog everyday in November) Challenge, my brain flickered out like an old bulb. You see, I didn’t ride a motorcycle at all today. c-c-cold
That in and of itself isn’t all that weird. I don’t ride every day of my life. But, there is something about Sunday that always tugs at my riding heartstrings. The Sunday Ride – It’s an institution.

If Wikipedia is to be believed, the Sunday Ride née Drive has been around for nearly 100 years.

The use of the automobile for the Sunday drive began in the 1920s and 1930s. The idea was that the automobile was not used for commuting or errands, but for pleasure. There would be no rush to reach any particular destination.

That sounds like my kind of Sunday.

Instead of a ride to nowhere, my morning started with a cold and windy 5K foot race at 9am. The wind was howling and the temperature held steady at 26 degrees. For the rest of the day I felt cold and chilled through. After a few more errands, I sat down on the couch at about 1:30 and… took a nap.

That’s it. No ride.

Even though I have heated gear I just couldn’t bring myself to go back outside, let alone go for a ride. I guess it was just one of those days.

Did you get out for a ride today? Where’d you go?

Leave me a link to your blogpost if you’ve got one.


Flashback Friday: Riding the San Bernardino Pass – Yeah That Didn’t Suck

Flashback Friday: Riding the San Bernardino Pass – Yeah That Didn’t Suck

In September of 2010, Kenny and I set off for Italy to ride with our friend Pimmie who lives in the Netherlands. It was such an epic trip – the friendship, the scenery, the riding. All of it. I find myself thinking about it often.

Fuzz on the San Bernardino Pass

One of my favorite rides while we were there was taking the Splugen Pass to the San Bernardino Pass. Between the stark beauty of the mountains themselves and their the undulating roadways it was some of the finest riding I’ve ever done.

Just look at that… ::wipes tear away::

the san bernardino pass

Do you think you would ever tire of riding roads like that?

Road Songs: …These Two Lanes Will Take Us Anywhere

Road Songs: …These Two Lanes Will Take Us Anywhere

on the road in VirginiaWhenever I hear the harmonica breeze in at the opening of Thunder Road, I’m immediately transported somewhere else. Now, I’m not what you’d call a Bruce Springsteen fan but there is something nostalgically romantic about this song. It’s the kind of tune that makes me want to hop on my bike and ride off into the sunset.

Freedom, escape, hope… they’re weaved throughout the lyrics. The Boss reminds us  that taking a chance on life or maybe even redemption is tangled up in wheels, and gasoline and the wind in our hair.

Whatever that thing is that I’m seeking when I hit the road is just around the next bend. Or the next. Or maybe over the next hill? Wherever it is I’ve got to get out there to find out.

…roll down the window
And let the wind blow back your hair
Well the night’s busting open
These two lanes will take us anywhere
We got one last chance to make it real
To trade in these wings on some wheels
Climb in back
Heaven’s waiting on down the tracks…

What are your favorite road songs?

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