Riding with Dogs – Cool or… Not So Much?

Riding with Dogs – Cool or… Not So Much?

The last time we were in California, I met this guy who rides with his poodle strapped to his belly:

riding with dogs

Since we like to weigh in on what other people are up to – what do you think? Is riding with your pup too dangerous or is it all good?

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  1. I rode for 7 years with a 70lb Pointer mix on the back seat of my R90 BMW. Spots carrier consisted of 2 milk crates with one end removed, mounted to a plywood sheet that was as wide as my Krauser bags. He had just enough room to lie down “Camel style”, with his legs under him, but he preferred to ride with his head resting on my right shoulder! On righthanders, he would “hang 5” off the side of my bike! Long before “Doggles” were available, he wore a pair of Snoopy style aviator glasses, which were secured behind his ears and under his chin. Spot had a short leash with a velcro breakaway, so he would not be trapped in the event of an emergency. He also knew the command “Brace” meant I was gonna get on the brakes hard, and he would adjust his stance and lean back. He also had a down vest and a rain parka my Mom made him. He went to Nova Scotia 3 times with me on my R90. After my daughter was born, he settled in next to her in my EMLGTII rig. He would rest his chin on top of the sidecars windshield, his jowls flapping in the breeze!

    My current dog Earl, also a Pointer mix, is a miserable failure as a motodog. Just getting him in the truck is an ordeal, and if put into my current sidecar, he burrows into the nose and stays there. Go figure.

  2. I get the fact that you want to be close to your animal but they would be seriously hurt in a crash. Would that be fair?

    Also, a dog stuffed in your jacket can move and squirm and prevent you from making the right move in an emergency. Leave it at home or does us Richard M suggests.

  3. IMO, the only safe way (and really, in an accident when on a motorcycle, is there really a safe place?) would be to put the dog in the sidecar. I’ve seen riders with their pets in small cages behind them, ensconced in a cloth carrier behind them, their pet standing free on the tank, and finally dogs in sidecars…..the dogs in the sidecar were much cooler looking. 🙂

    Oh, and then there was this video of a bicyclist who rode with his cat hanging on to his shoulders and head…..

    Still, in an accident, my bet is that a pet in a sidecar will fare better than any other riding options.

  4. Obviously if you see my blog you see my love for my doggies.

    I also went through this agonizing desire to take her along and decided she is safer at home.

    I would die if something happened to her and she would be so vulnerable on any rig that I could come up with on a scooter.

    Besides, “welcome homes” are pretty wonderful in themselves!

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