Whispering Giant of Troy, Kansas

whispering giant Tall Oak in Troy, Kansas

This carved Whispering Giant statue is Tall Oak in Troy, Kansas. He stands 27 feet tall on the grounds of the Doniphan County Courthouse. I was able to visit him in the golden glow of the spring of 2023.

whispering giant Tall Oak plaque in Troy, Kansas
whispering giant Tall Oak in Troy, Kansas

Tall Oak stands in front of the courthouse in a lovely town square. This type of vignette is so charming to my eyes. Eyes that have lived their existence within an hour or so of the hustle of Manhattan. Small town life remains fascinating and alluring to me.

whispering giant Tall Oak at the courthouse in Troy, Kansas
troy kansas post office building

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  1. Steve G says:

    Still remember those brick/cobblestone streets from visiting that guy during the Whispering Giants GT a few years ago. Very nice little town indeed.

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