Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

While I was wandering through Pennsylvania in July, I was able to stop and visit some Whispering Giants for the Grand Tour. Though bummed to find the Giant in Williamsport, Pa. had been removed I did strike gold in Akron, Oh., Dunkirk, Ny., and Sharon, Pa.

Sharon, Pa.:

whispering giant - sharon, pa

Unfortunately, the Sharon giant has a significant amount of rot. There has already been extensive repair work to keep him standing.

whispering giant - sharon pa

The whole underside of his nostrils is rotted out and you can see a gap in the tooth area as well. Hang in there, buddy. 🙁

Dunkirk, Ny:

whispering giant - dunkirk, ny

Rotaynah – Akron, Oh:

whispering giant - Rotaynah - Akron, Ohio

Of this Giants that I’ve seen so far, Rotaynah has made the biggest impression on me. He’s been my favorite.

whispering giant rotaynah akron ohio

He’s huge and has a very striking appearance. There has been some repair work on him, so I hope that helps his longevity.

Wouldn’t you know it? Hammy’s Titan Quest Rally in August used Whispering Giants as bonus locations. During the rally I visited 3 more Giants: Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

Chief Little Owl – Bethany Beach, De:

whispering giant - chief little owl - bethany beach, md

Nanticoke – Ocean City, Md:

Whispering Giant - Nanticoke - Ocean City, Maryland

Virginia Beach, Va:

whispering giant - virginia beach va

Some of the Giants that I’ve previously posted about:

Enisketomp in Plymouth, Ma:

This was by far the tallest of the Giants that I’ve visited. I loved his long braids. Read more about my Enisketomp visit.

whispering giant plymouth ma

Enishkeetompauog in Narragansett, Rhode Island:

whispering giant ENISHKEETOMPAUOG Narragansett rhode island

Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, Ma:

My very first stop on the Grand Tour.

whispering giant - Omiskanoagwiak - Springfield, Massachusetts

This brings up my total Whispering Giants visited for the Grand Tour to 9. That’s already better than I thought I would do. I’ve got 2 more that I would like to see (Vermont and New Hampshire) before the Grand Tour ends. I hope I can make it!

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13 Replies to “Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far”

  1. Excellent!! I rode down to Ottawa, IL to get the one there that I couldn’t get earlier due to the park being flooded. I’m currently at 135 points (12 Giants and 3 Reservation signs) and might take a quick day ride over to Iowa Falls, IA this weekend to get the one there.. The Giant in Paducah is calling me (as well as a couple friends with some moonshine to sample) but I hate the thought of trudging through IL corn and soybeans for 14 hours for a photo.. 🙂

    When I got the one in Akron, someone had ridden their motorcycle that day or the day before, through the lawn and parked in front of the carving.. Not good.. I parked in the little lot behind it and got my bike in the photos with ease… Riding through lawns isn’t a good showing for the motorcycle community, in my eyes..

    1. The Paducah Giant looks amazing! His headdress is so cool. I’d love to see that one too. I’m afraid he’ll be a “one day” not during the Grand Tour though.

      You’re kicking butt! Do you have a favorite so far?

      I parked at the school too. It was disappointing to see all the no parking signs around Rotaynah. While I am not an angel, I try to behave – I agree that riding across an area they clearly don’t even want you parking near is bad form

      1. I really don’t have a favorite.. The one in Dunkirk still makes me laugh after dealing with the locals who, after informing me where the statue was, went on a ramble why there wasn’t a statue for “Pollacks and Jews”.. It was in jest, I think. 🙂

        The Ottawa Giant was fun because I was able to just jump on the bike after work and go for a nice 250 mile wander to get it and get home around dark.. Nice location and as I took the photo there was a barge coming through, too..


    1. He is beautiful, Carrie. I hope you do.

      A word of warning there is no parking anywhere on the streets by him, so maybe go when school is out. There is a school parking lot behind him.

  2. Great post and photos! I’d never heard of The Whispering Giants before, and now I’m anxious to go find a few. There used to be one in Texarkana, Texas, but somebody lost it. Typical.

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