Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, MA

Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, MA

On Saturday morning, I hopped on the ferry to head towards Springfield, Ma. to photograph my first Whispering Giant for the Team Strange Grand Tour.

fuzzygalore whispering giant grand tour

My plan was to take a quick zip up the slab to Springfield, 85 miles and then to saunter home.

The giant that I visited is named Omiskanoagwiak, the wolf people – medicine man.

whispering giant Omiskanoagwiak

When you get up close to him, the amount of expression that conveyed through the carved wood is amazing.

Omiskanoagwiak whispering giant springfield mass

All afternoon I was surprised to find that there were still large piles of standing snow and frozen lakes in the Berkshires. As bad as our winter must have been on Long Island, the folks in the mountains must have had it really rough. I’m thankful that spring is finally starting to settle in.

I came home feeling excited about going to visit other giants. I wonder who I’ll get to visit next?

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4 Replies to “Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, MA”

  1. A dang cool Giant you found there, Fuzz.

    I like that it’s probably acquring more expression as it weathers… Hmmm, that seems appropriate, as with age comes wisdom–or so some say. I look forward to seeing pics of your future Giant gatherings.

    (Gathering Giants, huh? Where, oh, where will you put them all? I certainly hope they’re friendly.)

  2. I’ve been lurking on your site for a couple of months. Good entertainment as I am working out in rural Alaska. Thanks for posting this. I get back to the lower 48 in a month and signed up to do this too (after reading about it on your blog)! I’ll be doing it from the West Coast though! Hope you nab some more, they sure are cool looking.

    1. Hi Cyclone 🙂
      Thanks for finally de-lurking and saying hello.

      Do you have a blog / photo site / or maybe social media where you will be sharing your rides?

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