Ask Me Anything: What I’ve Been Asked So Far

When I posted “Ask Me Anything” I figured I’d get one or two questions. I’m surprised by what turned up in my mailbox. It’s taking me a little bit to get the vids together. Just know that I’m not avoiding anything and I haven’t forgotten about your question.

What I’ve Been Asked, So Far:

Have a burning question? Ask me anything.


Rachael is the whimsical writer behind the 20+ year old Girlie Motorcycle Blog. As a freelance blogger, she is on a mission to inspire laughter, self-examination, curiosity, and human connection. Girlie Motorcycle Blog can be found on several Best Motorcycle Blog lists.

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6 Responses

  1. bob says:

    I would find it interesting to know the age and/or gender of those asking the questions. No names.

  2. Erin says:

    You go girl! You’ve got this:). (Needed something to do, eh? :))
    So, my question…what would you ask yourself?

  3. Shybiker says:

    This is such an intriguing project. Both the questions and your answers are interesting windows into people’s minds.

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