Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

While driving to work, I was thinking about some of the questions that I have been asked as a result of writing this blog. When you read a personal blog with any regularity, you develop an impression of the author. You build an idea of what they’re like based on your interpretation of their writing. A type of friendship -perceived or otherwise- can begin to develop. And yet there are some things you just don’t know because there is the barrier of everyday reality between you. But, you’re curious.

Sometimes I’ll get a question via email with an opener like “I was wondering…” So, now I’m wondering if other people are wondering something. I thought I’d open myself up to questions and make a vid of my non-expert answers. Maybe you have questions about travel, roadside stuff, maybe you just want to hear what I sound like, whatever. It’s not limited to motorcycles – I’m game for anything. I understand that this could terribly wrong but… eh, we’ll see what happens. 🙂 Here’s the comment form. Ask me anything.

(It’s not hard to leave a fake name/email if you’re shy but curious about “why I’m such an asshole.”)

10 Replies to “Ask Me Anything”

  1. Now that you mention it……

    I’ve been interviewing a lot of different people lately on the podcast, bloggers included, and one of my guest gave me a bunch of names and contact information. In closing they then said “Oh and Fuzzy Galore, you definitely should get her on your show……”.

    Well…. you’re people want you. So what do you say? One on one via Skype, maybe an hour of your time to tell us all about your riding.

  2. Yes you should interview Fuzz. Make sure you are sitting and really paying attention. Be on your toes and wear gear.

  3. Good idea. I also get questions (often on e-mail because they involve personal situations where the writer wants privacy). Explaining ourselves fosters understanding and compassion in others. (I have a question for you; heading to the form now…)

  4. What a great idea. I just posted my questions on your email form! Look forward to the answers to mine and the others.

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