AMA: At What Point Do You Realize Everything Is Going To Be OK?

Q: At what point do you realize that everything is going to be OK, you know what you’re doing, have no fear, you got this …..happens?

I’m going to try to stick to thinking about this question in a motorcycle/travel-y sort of way. There are plenty of other avenues where I might go careering down a path of self-destruction. Motorcycling isn’t one of them 🙂

At what point do I realize everything is going to be OK?

If I think about this in more specific terms like maybe packing up and setting off on a trip – it’s a little easier to put my arms around. I’ve been trying to boil this down in to a simple, realistic answer. And that is – I suppose that most of the time I think things are going to be okay. For all of my nail-biting, hemming, hawing and moments of self-doubt, there is a steady undercurrent of the glass being half full that ultimately propels me forward. I want things to work out. Sometimes that’s enough to make it happen.

When I start noodling about maybe going away somewhere, I tend to imagine it as an entirely positive experience. I decided things will be okay before I roll out of the garage.

…you know what you’re doing: I’m not sure I feel like I know what I’m doing. It’s more of a neutral feeling versus what I might consider a confident feeling. Generally speaking, I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’ll be able to work out whatever goes wrong.

have no fear: Mmm, I hesitate and mull things over all the time. My nature isn’t reckless. I tend to say that I’m scared of everything and yet it doesn’t usually keep me from doing the things or riding to the places that spark my curiosity. Sometimes I think my definition of fear or being scared is askew.

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2 Responses

  1. Rania Linderman says:

    Answering back in a motorcycle type of way.

    Of course we always think things will be okay. However, we are smart enough riders, speaking for myself and you, that if things hit the fan we have a plan. (Ha! That would make a great t-shirt slogan)

    Furthermore, you’re a mom, you always have a plan. Whether you realize it or not. But I hear ya, it’s easier to organize my motorcycling lifestyle than the day to day obsticales of life. But if there weren’t obsticales life would be boring. Things happen for a reason.

    PS. Miss you!

  2. Minna says:

    I try to apply everything from my riding to my regular life and somehow it works. I’m a moderately cautious person and I sometimes worry about what I can’t control but I have learned to let my instinct guide me and to put faith in that it will all work out. It usually does. It is healthy to have a little fear, concern, anxiety. Now go enjoy life 🙂

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