Ask Me Anything: How does being female affect your motorcycling?

Ask Me Anything: How does being female affect your motorcycling?

  • How does being female affect your motorcycling?
    • Does it influence how strangers view and approach you?
    • Do you de-emphasize gender — for example, in style and colors of gear you wear?

Thanks for the great question, Ally!

Somewhere in Illinois at sunrise in the suit that made me give up light-colored gear.

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8 Replies to “Ask Me Anything: How does being female affect your motorcycling?”

  1. Wow. Great response; thank you. I appreciate your insightful thoughts in the first half of the video; they make sense; and then I was suddenly horrified by your story in the second half. Wasn’t anticipating that and yet it perfectly illustrates the dilemma of being female in contemporary society.

    You are completely correct that the situations that arise in public are due to what happens in other people’s minds, not ours. Being female/black/TG/etc. isn’t a problem; our status merely triggers reactions in other people, some of which are ugly because that’s what resides in their brains.

    P.S., Stylish sunnies!

    1. It’s funny the things that come out when you just sit talking to yourself. I hadn’t thought about that dude in yearrrrrs. This video thing is like therapy 😆

      Thanks on the glasses. They’re by Lumete. The lenses are so scratchy now but i don’t want to part with them. I need to learn to take better care of my things 🙁

    1. Thanks, Mike. The light colored Klim gear was un-cleanable. It stained so badly and looked awful. I’ve had other light -colored brands (such as REVIT) that were easy to take care of and didn’t have the same staining if you washed them. Black is just easier 🙂

  2. Sketchy situation averted. But on the flip side, he _probably_ just wanted to show you his etchings.

    To be honest I thought you were going to say ‘I struggle to operate the big scary levers with my tiny girly hands!’, and then note that you are emotionally scarred every day because you couldn’t get the Tiger in pink (although.. funny story about that… remember the ‘nuclear red’ colour scheme? There used to be a staff perk at Triumph that for all I know is still available where if you are a member of staff and bought a new Triumph you could have it in any colour that any of the bikes in the range came in. I’ve seen some wonderfully varied factory paint jobs on ‘the wrong Triumph’ as a result in the past, but apparently no employee has ever been moved by ‘nuclear red’…).

    1. Ha Ha. Tiny girly hands… 😕 😆

      I loved the “pink” Speed Triple! 🙂 I would’ve had no issue buying that color if it were available when I got mine. But all things considered, Roulette Green was my fave.

  3. I am glad that you are raising another female human to be strong, resourceful and unafraid!

    Ditto on the light gear, although I am retiring a white and gray mesh Revit jacket this year because it looks like pig pen after 3 or 4 Seasons. 🙂

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