Ask Me Anything – A Quick Follow-up

Ask Me Anything – A Quick Follow-up

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! I was expecting maybe one or two so the response was a bit of a surprise. I’ll leave the comment form open for a bit and see what happens: Ask me anything.

When I started answering some of the questions yesterday morning, I realized that If I did them all in one shot it would make for a long, unwatchable video. So, I’m going to have to group similar questions together and make a couple vids. That’ll be kinda fun. They’ll be coming soon!

So, again – thanks for sending Qs in. The comment form is still open if you want to use it.

For now – I’ll leave you with an answer to my favorite question so far. My only hope is that it doesn’t influence any future questions 🙂


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10 Replies to “Ask Me Anything – A Quick Follow-up”

  1. Lmao. “Do you do Butt stuff?” Hahahahaha. Wow. Hahahaha. Sorry. That’s classic. Actually you use your butt to sit on your bike – would that qualify?

  2. I was thrilled to see the beautiful girl behind this blog but was hoping for more. If you can record one of your posts or even talk about roadside attractions it would be epic. Love you Rachael-ride safe!

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